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Sony’s IPX4 Splash-Resistant Wonder  thumbnail

Sony’s IPX4 Splash-Resistant Wonder

Published Nov 11, 23
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Taking the party outdoors has never been more hassle-free. With Sony’s IPX4 splash-resistant rating, the Sony SRS-XP700 Wireless Speaker delivers high-quality sound without the fear of water damage from pool splashes or unexpected rain. This speaker is not just a sound system, it’s a statement with its Bluetooth capabilities and impressive MEGA BASS technology, ensuring your party continues no matter the forecast.

Seamless Sound Sync With Bluetooth

Untether yourself from the constraints of cables. The Bluetooth connectivity of the SRS-XP700 allows you to stream your playlists from your smartphone or tablet with ease. No more fiddling around with wires – your music is ready to go as soon as you are.

Non-Stop Beats with Long Battery Hours

A party that dies down early is no party at all. With the 25-hour battery life of the Sony SRS-XP700, your tunes will keep going long after the last guest leaves. Plus, with its USB-C quick charging feature, a little time plugged in will get you hours of playback, perfect for those impromptu gatherings.

Sony SRS-XP700 Wireless Portable Speaker

MEGA BASS for Sound that Ripples

What really sets the Sony SRS-XP700 apart is the MEGA BASS feature. It’s not just about the volume; it’s about the depth. MEGA BASS adds an extra punch to your favorite anthems, ensuring every beat is felt just as intensively as it is heard.

Turn Up Near Water Worry-Free

No need to worry about splashes when you have a speaker with an IPX4 rating. This splash-resistant marvel lets you enjoy your favorite music by the pool or even on a drizzly night, giving you the confidence to host a party in almost any location.

USB-C: The Quick Power Boost

Impromptu party? No problem. The USB-C quick charging capability means you can give your speaker a fast power boost, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. In just minutes, you can breathe life back into the party.

Mic Up for Karaoke Nights

The versatility of the Sony SRS-XP700 is what makes it a true party starter. With two mic/guitar rear inputs, it easily transforms into a karaoke machine or an amplifier for live music performances. It’s practically begging you to unleash your inner rockstar or pop icon.

Karaoke Ready Sony Wireless Speaker

X-Balanced Speaker for a Harmonious Experience

At its heart lies the X-Balanced Speaker unit, designed to enhance sound quality and pressure, which results in richer, clearer, and deeper tunes. The X-Balanced Speaker is what enables the Sony SRS-XP700 to pack a punch, regardless of its portable size.

Elevate Your Soundtracks

Thanks to Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) and ClearAudio+, your music isn’t just played; it’s upgraded. These sound improvements work behind the scenes to ensure that high frequencies are crisp and that every note sounds the way the artist intended.

With features that cater to both audiophiles and casual listeners alike, the Sony SRS-XP700 is a robust, well-designed speaker that stands as a testament to Sony's commitment to sound innovation. Whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a solo session, or gathering a crowd for a karaoke showdown, this speaker remains a solid choice for those who prioritize sound quality and usability.

Sony Portable Wireless Speaker with Extra Bass

Embrace the endless fun with Sony’s IPX4 speaker, tailored for the ultimate sonic adventure. With a mix of classic craftsmanship and modern technology, Sony continues to lead the audio industry. And even if your feet are tired from dancing, rest assured, your speakers won't call it quits before you do.

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